My Stories

Music From the Other Room is my first baby, published in August 2016. It’s a story of a teenager trapped in a space with a disturbed individual. The relationship between the two is unclear. We only know that our protagonist is terrified of Him and is unable to escape.

The Tattoo is not quite a love story. It features a couple of troubled characters. Kitten has health problems and suffers from depression. Her ex comes out as a mentally unstable addict. The characters are haunted by dreams filled with broken glass, whirling water and dripping blood. And, of course, there is the Escher knot that needs untying.

Down Memory Lane… (And Into the Rabbit Hole) , at 7000 words, is almost a novelette. This is a suspense sci-fi story, set some 20-30 years into the future. The story revolves around memory editing, a medical procedure relieving people of things they want to forget. The main character, Laurence Dijkstra, starts an independent investigation into the strange side effects of the procedure. His actions are somewhat impeded by his own memory lapses. What we see him uncover is unspeakable.

Hypothetical is my first experiment in flash fiction. It’s a sketch of a person who has experienced domestic abuse and survived. However, some things just cannot be left behind. No matter how much we want to escape them.

Unprepared is a work in progress. The story is set in West End, Vancouver 2017. Vancouver is long overdue for a major earthquake. Nikkie, the main character, is totally unprepared for what happens. Read excerpt

Lost and Found  is another work in progress. The story revolves around the recent murder in a West End heritage mansion (true story). The murderer is about the face the charges, but things are not as straightforward as they seem.

How Bill Clinton Ruined My Date is a true story, no kidding. Aired on Terminal City Tales who asked for some Saint-Valentine’s Day content.