My Music

@ Café Chaos, Montréal, 2013

My storytelling has long been preceded and is strongly affected by music in my life. I am a singer-songwriter and one can easily trace poetry and musical structure in the composition of my stories.

Music has always been with me. My Mom says I learned to sing before I spoke my first words. In addition to playing the piano and guitar, I have done my fair share of lead singing in heavy metal bands.

Inferno: The One Who Cares (2003)

In the end, though, there is nothing like one acoustic guitar and a circle of close people who enjoy what I do.

@ the fundraiser “Sex Cures Cancer”, Opus Hotel, Vancouver, 2011

I play on and off, whenever I feel inspiration to do so: open mikes, my friends’ apartments, private events or English Bay, weather permitting. Recording an album is an abstract idea and a distant goal. All in good time.

Meanwhile, enjoy a couple of songs I have recorded so far.