A Winter Away

I am now working on a new song with the title “A Winter Away”. Here is some lyrics from it. Enjoy!

img6985When you’re feeling so low and so lonely you won’t face the morning

And you’re down in the dumps and there’s no one to lend you a hand

Did you really think someone would give you directions when you don’t know where you belong

Do you wonder what waits in the end


All those people and places you have always taken for granted

All your friends who have gone getting tired of your going round and round

Did you really think someone would give you the answer to questions you don’t know to ask

All those stars I’ve put out  to reach you

Lie dead on the ground


You’re a winter away

From the songs that I’ll play

From the promises made

All the damage is done

You have lost what you won

I will take all the blame

You’re a winter away…


Down Memory Lane

somebody-is-copyDarkness. Pulsating shadows of bright black everywhere. 

Something is wrong. Everything is wrong.

Burning. Burning. How can darkness be so hot? So blood-boiling hot. It hurts your lungs when you breathe it in. 

Flashes of afterimages on your scorched retinas.

Something crackling on your right. Shuffles… a slight movement, far to your left.

Monotonous moans, almost too low to make out.

And as your blood becomes vapor

your skin turns to dry paper

and starts curling inwards like an ancient scroll.

Down Memory Lane…