Radio Show: An Excerpt from “Tattoo”

This is an excerpt from the radio broadcast dated March 7, 2017. This piece, together with four other stories, was played by Terminal City Tales, as part of their episode “Can you Believe It?”

Down Memory Lane: Three (audiobook)

An excerpt from my short story titled “Down Memory Lane (and Into The Rabbit Hole)”. This is a suspense sci-fi story, set some 20-30 years into the future. The story revolves around memory editing, a medical procedure relieving people of things they want to forget. The main character, Laurence Dijkstra, starts an independent investigation into the strange side effects of the procedure. His actions are somewhat impeded by his own memory lapses. What we see him uncover is unspeakable.


Lausomebody-is-copyrence came to a dull but persistent throbbing, a sickly pulsation deep behind his eyeballs…

Listen to Chapter Three


How Bill Clinton Ruined My Date

soo… since it’s Saint-Valentine’s Day today, here is a little something for y’all

It is a true story about how Bill Clinton ruined my date (well, not without the help of the guy I was on a date with, who actually thought we were having the times of our lives).

How Bill Clinton Ruined My DateHow B Clinton Ruined My Date.jpg