Unprepared – the short story

finished my second draft of “Unprepared”, set in Vancouver 2017. Here is a little piece.

Wind. Cool ocean breeze. Inhale. Exhale.

A lone cry of a seagull in the distance.

Sun seeps through half-closed eyelids.

Cold wetness extending from neck down.



Raise hand to touch where wetness begins, at the back of my head.

Fingers come sticky with

Sun insistent, urging to open unwanting eyes.

So quiet. Everywhere.

Eyes open. Slowly. Can’t. Must.

Blurry. Why?

Chilly. Freezing. Body shaking. Uncontrollably. Must. Take control. Do something.


Flap of unseen wings and then quiet again. Lips dry. Thirsty.



So cold. Where?

Ragged breathing. In. Out. In again. Me breathing. I am breathing. In. Out. Must do something. About this cold.

Still blurry but.

I think I know where I am. Rough concrete supports my back. Pins and needles in my buttocks and lower legs. More concrete underneath me. Dull pulsation in left calf. More sticky wetness down there.

I make a conscious effort to bend forward and touch it. Some thing smooth and foreign. Glass? Window glass? Remove. More wetness. More pain but then better. Makes my head clearer.

Who? I

Where? Balcony floor. My place.


What happened?

Will think later. Need to get back inside.



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